How To Apply

Appplying for an Amelia Peabody Grant is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Be sure you qualify. You must have an IRS 501©3 Letter of Determination with a Massachusetts address. Your request must be for charitable programming in Massachusetts.
  2. Compile your documents. Our application requires you to attach a handful of documents as support for your request. These documents include: a 501c3 determination letter, the most recent 990 filing your organization made, the total operating budget, the request budget, anticipated funding sources, a board list, an organizational profile, and a request narrative.
  3. Create a profile for our new grantmaking software, Foundant. You will receive an email giving you additional information about getting into your application.
Start Your Application

Helpful Hints for Making a Stellar Application

  • The Foundation focuses their funding on organizations doing youth development, workforce development, and food insecurity across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • The Trustees of the Foundation pay particular attention to organizations in the 26 Gateway Cities of Massachusetts.
  • Three different types of grants are funded including: Capital, Programmatic, and General Operating Grants.
    • Capital requests can include anything from support in construction of a facility to the purchase of necessary equipment.
    • Programmatic requests are for the support of a particular program including staff and required materials.
    • General Operating requests are for support in the day-to-day running of an organization and offer a level of flexibility as to where funds get allocated.
  • Request narratives should be kept under two pages and directly name what the organization represented is requesting. Be as specific as possible. Do not include photos, promotional materials, etc.
  • Organization narratives should address the organization’s mission, who the organization serves, and the goals of the organization in the community.