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• Peabody grants only support projects and programs that are carried out in Massachusetts.

• Most Peabody grants are made to organizations that serve disadvantaged, inner-city youth populations.

• Most often the organizations receiving grants will be located in the very neighborhoods that they would serve by their efforts.

• We particularly favor grants to organizations that employ on their staffs members of the populations that they serve.

• We particularly favor grants that help organizations to leverage additional funds.

• We particularly favor grants that significantly increase an organization's ability and capacity to deliver its services.

• Peabody grants are made for almost any project that serves to promote and enhance the grantee organization's mission: for existing and new programs, for capital acquisitions, for the renovation of existing buildings and facilities, for the repair, maintenance and purchase of equipment.

• When considering a grant application we look first and most of all at the leadership of the organization. Experience has taught us that the people who lead and staff the organization are most instrumental in bringing about real and positive changes in the lives of inner-city families and communities.

• Peabody grants are made in a wide range of sizes, but always correspond to the requirements of the proposal, the size of the organization and its capacity to accomplish the grant purpose. Most grants fall in the $10,000 to $50,000 range for programs or operations. A smaller number of grants, generally in the $50,000 to $100,000 range, are capital improvement grants or other grants which take an organization to a new level of operations in respect to the quality or quantity of services provided.

• The kinds of grants that we like most to make are those that bring about real changes in the neighborhoods where people live. Grants may help an existing organization to increase its capacity for service where it is currently situated, but from time to time such grants will help the organization to establish a new facility where no such facility exists, bringing services to a neighborhood for the first time. Examples of such organizations and programs supported by Peabody grants are neighborhood and community centers, youth centers, charter schools, out of school time and sports programs with educational enrichment and mentoring components, YMCAs and YWCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs and classroom and facility technology improvements.

With our help the existing organization will attain a new and higher level of service to its clientele. In short, our grants will help expand the capacity of organizations to provide deeper benefits to an increasing number of youth.

• From time to time the Foundation will issue a challenge grant requiring the grantee to match funding by a specified time from other sources as detailed in the challenge. Such other sources vary from grant to grant, but have included as examples: only Board members, only individuals, only funders from the same city, only new funders and/or increased amounts from previous funders, only amounts above a given threshold. We encourage applicants to consider if a directed challenge of this nature would be helpful to address any fundraising areas needing development. A challenge grant request may be a part of your application, detailed in the Proposal Narrative.

• Most Peabody grants are for one year only.