The Amelia Peabody Foundation has an online application process. Please go here to begin.

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Is there any new information since the last time I visited this website?

The Amelia Peabody Foundation website is updated with new information on an as-needed basis. Since much of this information may pertain particularly to your grant proposal, it is advisable to check this space for updates, including form changes, before the preparation and submission of your proposal.

Recently updated items:

The Foundation has implemented a new, online application process. Please go here to begin.

Updated June, 2020:

Do we need to send in a hard copy of the application?



Who may apply for a grant?

Organizations with 501(c)(3) designation. Please note that, to comply with Amelia Peabody Foundation specific requirements, the address printed on the IRS 501(c)(3) documentation for the applicant must be in Massachusetts. If the applicant's IRS 501(c)(3) address is not in Massachusetts a Fiscal Sponsor with a Massachusetts address on its 501(c)(3) must be used. Or, if an applicant is not 501(c)(3) qualified, it may use a Fiscal Sponsor which has such a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) address. See also: Requirement of Grantees

If a Fiscal Sponsor is being used, you must submit a signed Fiscal Sponsor Statement and a copy of their 501(c)(3). The Fiscal Sponsor Statement includes additional information about the requirements of being a Fiscal Sponsor.

What types of grants are made?

For programs, operations and capital projects in Massachusetts only.

From time to time the Foundation will issue a challenge grant requiring the grantee to match funding by a specified time from other sources as detailed in the challenge. Such other sources vary from grant to grant, but have included as examples: only Board members, only individuals, only funders from the same city, only new funders and/or increased amounts from previous funders, only amounts above a given threshold. We encourage applicants to consider if a directed challenge of this nature would be helpful to address any fundraising areas needing development. A challenge grant request may be a part of your application, detailed in the Proposal Narrative.

What is the mission of the Amelia Peabody Foundation?

The primary mission of the Amelia Peabody Foundation is to increase, through close collaboration with local agencies, the number, range, and depth of positive learning experiences available to materially disadvantaged young people living in the cities and towns of Massachusetts.

When may we apply?

There are four deadlines every year. Please go to the Application Deadlines page. See as well below: How often may we apply?

Proposals must be submitted by the corresponding deadline to be considered for that quarter. When the application is complete the applicant will be notified in writing that their organization’s grant request has been scheduled for Trustee review. You should expect to hear from the Board, in writing, within three months following the proposal deadline.

Does the Amelia Peabody Foundation favor a particular kind of funding proposal, such as for new construction, building renovations, the purchase of new equipment, or for operations and/or new programs?

No. Each grant request is looked at in terms of how well it corresponds with our mission as well as how great the probable impact is on the population served.

Do you make multi-year grants?

Yes, but most Peabody grants are for one year only. Three years are the maximum that will be considered.

What kinds of grants are not made?

Those that are not primarily directed at the disadvantaged youth populations of the cities and towns of Massachusetts.

May we apply for more than one grant at a time?


How often may we apply?

As a rule no more than once a year, regardless of whether your earlier request has been accepted. For instance, if your organization applied at the January deadline in 2020, receiving a response in April 2020, a new application may be made for the January deadline in 2021 regardless of the funding decision of the Trustees in 2020. In this example if the Trustees decide to make a new grant before new funding would be released on an application filed in January 2021 a final report on any funds granted in response to the January 2020 grant application must be filed and approved and all contract terms and conditions completed.

If we received a previous grant are there additional requirements?

Yes, if the Trustees decide to fund a new proposal no funding will be released by the Foundation until reports due on any previous funding have been filed and approved and all previous contract requirements and conditions have been met. If a new application is being filed before previous grant funding is fully expended, an Interim Report on the use of that grant funding to date must be included with the new application, followed by a Final Report when the funds are expended. Download our Grant Report Form for interim and final reports.

How do we apply?

Please go to our Online Application page.

How much may we ask for? Does the Peabody Foundation favor a particular grant size?

The amount should always correspond to the requirements of the proposal, the size of the organization and its capacity to accomplish the grant purpose. Most grants fall in the $10,000 to $50,000 range for programs or operations. A smaller number of grants, generally in the $50,000 to $100,000 range, are typically capital improvement grants or other grants which take an organization to a new level of operations in respect to the quality or quantity of services provided.

Do we need to send in a hard copy of the application?


May we contact the Foundation prior to submitting a proposal?

Yes, but only for questions of procedure and form.

May we submit pre-proposal ideas, concept papers?


What happens after we have submitted our proposal?

Please go to the Grant Review Process page for the answer to this question.

Following submission of our proposal should we expect a site visit?

When and if the Trustees determine that a site visit is necessary you will be contacted.

Why was our proposal rejected? Why didn't we receive a grant?

You are competing with hundreds of other applicants for a limited amount of Foundation monies.

What is required of us after receiving a grant?

Go to the page detailing what is expected of our grantees, Requirements of Grantees.

Do you expect a reporting from us on the use of grant monies?

Yes. A narrative, with specific accounting of expenditures are required. We will need to have a Final Report filed and approved with all contract terms and conditions completed before you may receive any additional funds from the Foundation. Download and use our Grant Report Form for filing instructions. See also: If we received a previous grant are there additional requirements?